Bagna Cauda in cream with vegetables and more...

For the sauce
.. 100g anchovies in oil
.. 100g olive oil
.. 12 cloves of garlic
.. 1 cup milk
.. 200g of cream

The accompaniment
.. Mixed colored peppers
.. Celery
.. Green and White Asparagus
.. Jerusalem artichoke ( not neccessary )
.. Carrots
.. Boiled potatoes
.. Endive
.. Lean beef into cubes (preferably fillet)
.. Croutons


- Soak the garlic in milk an hour to soften it

- Slow fire a small saucepan to cook the anchovies with the oil and the drained cloves of

- Wait for the time necessary to form a thick creamy sauce

- Add the cream and whisk well

- Bring the cream on the stove and finish cooking for about twenty

- Meanwhile peal all the vegetables and immerse them in ice water to
keep them crispy

- Boil the potatoes and cut into cubes

- Cut the beef into centemeter cubes



Arrange in a serving dish the ingredients with the cream in a bowl (better heated by a candle) in the center
of the dish. The Bagna Cauda should be served hot.

- Bagna cauda cream can be kept perfectly in the fridge for
a few days and heated at the time of serving and it goes great with canapés
and appetizers, grilled meats or with any dish you can imagine

- Excellent with full bodied white wines (arneis) or young red (sweet)

This is also the first recipe in the book that will come out in October.


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